Late Dr. Narendra Dabholkar has founded Maharashtra Vivek Vahini ,former Chairman Rayat Shikshan Santhas Dr. N.D.Patil is pioneer in founding VivekVahini in indifferent colleges run by institute.The idea of inculcating scientific temper among college students was born. The college has founded VivekVahini in 2004-05 which aims to eradication superstition. VivekVahini of the college work with this spirit in true sense of them.

1. To Imbibe scientific attitude

2. Secularism

3. Choosing right life partner.

4. Unaddiction.

5. Stress management.

6. Reducing discrimination based on race, gender and caste.

7. Creating an egalitarian approach among students.

Every year at least 25 to 30 Students register their names for VivekVahini. Almost them acandidate is nominated as group leader to undertake various activities.

Prin. Dr. D.K. Mhaske( President)

Prof. Dr. P.N. Salve ( Chairperson )

Prof. D.M. Bahiram (Membar)

Male Student representative

Female Student representative

VivekVahini under taken number of actives to eradicate superstation and ignorance among students and society. It guides students about superstition. In it many magic tricks are performed to make students able to understand how they are deceived . It aims to imbibe scientific attitude, secularism and choosing right life partner. It also appends students to not to fire crackers on Diwali Festival